FyDub is the first App that translate any YouTube Video automatically.

Our algorithm recognizes the str (subtitles) and generates the translate in real time so that it is understandable in your own language.
video dubber
video dubber

Video translation in 3 simple steps.

1. Paste your YouTube video.
After choosing which video you want to translate you must insert the link in the FyDub text box.

2. Use the Star Dubbing button.
When using the button our algorithm will start with the dubbing, you will have to wait a few seconds for it to be completed.

3. Use Our Play Button and enjoy.
At the end of the dubbing our Play button will appear so you can start enjoying your playback in your own language.

Infinite Possibilities for Video Dubbed

Imagine everything you can do now, with just a three steps you will get content dubbed into your language that you never thought you could reproduce in your own language.

Now you can learn about the topics that you are passionate about from different angles.

See FyDub In Action

Original Video (Chinese Audio)

Propagation of virus in the body and departure to the outside.

Videos automatically translated with FyDub.

Dubbing in English

Dubbing in Spanish

Dubbing in Russian

Dubbing in Porguese

Dubbing in Japanese

Dubbing in German


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